Accountancy and taxation can seem complex and perhaps even a little scary. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In a series of regular articles you will be able to learn more about various aspects of money management, business growth, cloud accounting and even taxation. If there’s a particular topic you’d like us to cover, email

Accounting for your new business in 2021

Author: Simon Murrells   |   Date: 22nd January 2021

Without wishing to rehash all the 2020 cliches, it’s fair to say that it was nothing if not memorable! Indeed, whilst it was the most challenging year for many, it was also a year that saw the creation of record numbers of new businesses. In fact, according to research by estimates suggest more than 85,000 new businesses were created in the UK in 2020.

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Don’t let worry about your self-assessment ruin Christmas

Author: Simon Murrells   |   Date: 9th December 2020

Christmas – in whatever guise it takes this year – is looming large on the horizon. For many sole traders, partnerships, self employed people and anyone who has to submit a self assessment tax return for any other reason, it’s also about now that panic will be starting to gently simmer…

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Statutory Accounts and Corporation Tax: What every limited company owner needs to know

Author: Simon Murrells   |   Date: 10th November 2020

When you started your business did you expect that you would need an expert insight into the workings of Companies House and HMRC? Or, did you think you’d be able to spend more time doing something you love and getting paid for it? Our money’s on the latter. But we’d also be willing to bet the the ins and outs of Statutory Accounts and Corporation Tax are something that takes up more time than you would like. Unless you’re already an Accountancy Solutions client of course! With this in mind, this article takes a look at some of the important information you need to know about Statutory Accounts and Corporation Tax but written with you in mind…

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How to achieve the perfect payroll

Author: Simon Murrells   |   Date: 2nd November 2020

Ask any employer and they will often tell you their biggest headache, and most valuable asset, is their staff. Staff tend to be equal parts the reason your business is as successful as it is AND an administrative nightmare. Facts that are certainly true when it comes to managing your payroll!

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Demystifying Self Assessment

Author: Simon Murrells   |   Date: 27th October 2020

October through to January tends to be silly season for accountants and bookkeepers. Faced with the rapidly approaching self assessment deadlines, business owners and individuals suddenly realise it’s time to get their paperwork in order. In fact, if you’re still submitting paper self-assessments, you really need to focus as your deadline is 31st October! (On that note, if you are still submitting paper self assessments, please give me a call to fix that!).

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Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Author: Simon Murrells   |   Date: 12th October 2020

Since its inception, many businesses have reaped the benefits of cloud accounting. However, if you are using spreadsheets or server-based accounting systems, the thought of migrating your entire business finance operations to the cloud might well be daunting.

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